Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Contrary Wife!!!

This is the final choice I have made for my participation in the local fair "block entry". It is as the title states: Contrary Wife! I love the title. (I am sure at times it describes me!) I found it in my new program. The mail lady finally brought me the fabric just 2 days ago. I have fussed w/this until I think: "What the hay, it is only for fun and I love the colors!" The colors are a raspberry and apple green chosen by the "authorities". I found this fabric on line hoping it will please them! Actually just the participation and knowing that my two entries will be joined w/all the others to make a quilt to be auctioned off is enough satisfaction for me!! (However, the prize $$ would buy a couple yards of fabric!)The block is a little crooked; as the photographer( me) is not a pro!!! I have it on my "sticky wall" and when it sticks....that is it! Here are a few of the Ukiah fair quilt photos, I hope you enjoy them. ;D