Sunday, September 28, 2008

Count Down

The Grapevine Quilt Guild ,of which I am a charter member, held their 2nd annual quilt show recently. The handkerchiefs of one of the members mothers were incorporated into this adorable wall hanging as well as a "lapper" at the top! The "mini"s of other quilters are placed around my entry "Fresh Flowers". This is a "non judged" show. It is done nicely and the size of the room limits the quits to a little more than 130 or so. Wonderful quilts!

I have been so busy with my preparations for the up coming Falling Leaves Quilt Show, it is only 5 more days to go. I can't wait!!! There are around 250 entrys and this is a "judged" show. I am the "Chair" of the Judge Committee and it requires much attention to detail, hiring Judges, assigning positions, hoping that the fair ground manager has all our requested tables and chairs clean and in the hall waiting for us very early on the morning of judging. The next day is the actual setup day of the quilt racks, the hanging of the quilts, as well as the vendor spaces,theme baskets country store,silent auction area...featured quilter, who by the way is world famous Mariners Compass, quilter Judy Mathison. I know that the peices will all fall in to place for opening day,Oct.4. Hope you can come!
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