Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Family

Can you believe this,it was taken yesterday at lunch time ?!! The 4th one hatched on Sunday. Their eyes are not open but they know what is coming ! With their beaks wide open! The "parents" have just fed some of them and they are waiting for dessert!!! See the worm in the "Papa's" beak? The "Mama" is giving him instructions I think!!I checked my calendar and this all started with the nest building on May 25th!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Friend In Need

Just a few months ago I learn that a friend of about 20 years has the early stages of Dementia!I was saddened for her as she and I had our first quilting class together about 8 years ago. It was a 1 year class and we learned alot together and have shared a room at retreat for 3 years. All in all a good relationship. With another mutual friend of ours we went to visit her and it was then she reveled that her drivers license was taken away. We didn't press her for the "why". I just can't imagine her distress over that, I would be devastated if that happens to me!!! She outwardly seemed to have accepted this situation. She said she had not finished a quilt for one of her daughters and had 2 other daughters that she planned quilts for. So, a couple of my quilty friends and I said we would do that for her. This is the one that I have two thirds of the attic blocks finished. I want to finish all my UFO's as we never know what is waiting for us!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Grandbirdies are Here!

This morning we were having our coffee on the patio. Positioned so we could watch Momma Robin tending the nest. She was flying back and forth with what looked like "food" and dropping it in the nest. "Holy Moses" the babies have hatched!!! How did that happen, seems like just yesterday she was building it!! So, here comes the Papa Robin w/goodies also. Well, he shows up after she does all the sitting! Good thing! We just sat there for about an hour and watch this "caregiving" going on! Doesn't take much to entertain us!!! There is still one egg to hatch,don't worry we will keep checking and update you!

A "Wow" Day at Guild

Yesterday was such a fun day at the meeting we had a wonderful trunkshow presented by Melinda Bula! A fabric artist! She has won so many awards for her creations including clothes!! OMG,you just wait and see. When you look at the photos, click on them to enlarge for a really good looksee! We had standing room only at the meeting! The young blond model is a junior guild member; she is ONLY 12! Check out her cowgirl cool. She didn't know she was going to be a model that day! I am only posting some of the clothes, I helped to hold the wall quilts so didn't get any photos of those, but, I know others did. I will post others later.