Sunday, October 28, 2007

From "Fishland"

I am starting this post from "Fishland"! DH has been having reallllly good luck w/his attempts to lure those trout to his "little teeny flys". So, he is a happy man! He asked if I could find some fabrics to make a "fabric tube rod holder" to protect his $$$ rods in the PVC tubes he attaches to his pickup camper boat carrier. I of course said I was certain....(trying to keep a straight face).... the LFS would produce just the right choices!! ;))) Well, I have only been to the LFS twice already for the cosy baby flannels in the photo. We are in the heart of one of the best trout fishing and deer hunting areas in northern California and I tell you this little "burg" of a town has a "Ben Franklin Store" fabric department that keeps this in mind when they stock their fabrics! I was lucky enough to buy the last yard of the navy blue fabric on the bolt! The green rod fabric was a little more available. The gold/brown is for the actual rod pocket holder. DH loved my find and he has asked for a accessory cover for his fly tying box as well as a scrap bag. (That is a HSY.) Oddly enough the store carries some great quality fabrics as well as "craft" fabrics. Their prices are competitive also. So, I may make one more vist before we leave here! I developed a "muscle spasm" in my left "wing". So it is slowing me down. I brought my mini fan project and have done the fan's, the hard part is when I go to the next class to learn the rest!
Here are some of the "loot" I found!