Monday, November 02, 2009

Flower Power

Getting to go to "Fishland" w/my DH and packing all my sewing trappings and UFO's is mind bloggleing! I call this my own personnel private sewing retreat! He fishes all day, I get the motel room all to myself! No cooking,cleaning,phone calls, just what ever I please to do! I read a great book "Culture of Corruption" by Michelle Malkin and finished it, watch t.v.,snack,take a walk. Well, the weather was not walking weather this year, so I didn't do any walking. Brrrr,most days it was in the high 40's,sunny w/clouds, some breezes. But, I had the heater turned up and was very comfy! So,I sewed on my project of 3 vacation's: a wool table runner. Now, as you can see this isn't rocket science, but, I also take other UFO's and generally switch back and forth in sewing on them. This required just alot of cutting the flowers, even w/a pattern I still couldn't be accurate on some of the petals, however, they are my flowers and they "grew" just the way I like them!!! The flowers are connected to the backing by french knots, and the leaves by a stem stitch. The wavy green wool is "felted"down, this was my first try at hand felting. It was a little slow, but soon I was able to develop a rhythm of "punching" with the 5 needles in their holder. Is it finished you say?? Oh,no, I still have to add the under wool backing and edges! Will I wait until next year you ask?? Mmmm not sure, I am kinda thinking I might get it finished sooner!
Click on photo's for a real close up!