Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Giving Thanks!

This is a revised post!! Our Parish Priest Father Ron had asked for a volunteer to make a plaque honoring those serving in the Armed Forces from our Parish community. DH made it. He used wood from a walnut tree(a gift from God) for the plaque from our property that we had cut down several years ago and it was "curing" by the barn. Father Ron furnished the "service medals" and DH used his "Leroy" to print the names on the brass strips that he obtain just for this presentation. He then attached them w/little brass screws. It did not go as quickly as I am writing this. It took several weeks to prepare the wood, shaping,sanding and putting the finish on that hopefully will last forever! The brass name strips also had to have a coating for the names to be preserved. There is room to add more names when provided. The parishioners really like it. Whew... I am so proud of DH and his talents!
"Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow"!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Purse!!!

Last week after our LLQG general meeting one of our members gave a wonderful workshop on purse making!!! She had given us the materials list to bring along w/all the usual sewing supplies, machines,etc (you know that necessary stuff!). OR...she would bring kits for us to purchase to assemble! Well, of course when I saw HER kits I fell in love w/them all and chose the one of my fav's Autum Leaves! First we machine quilted them and then the assembling began....oh boy, what fun it was and here is the results of what I did!!! The "jewels" are so perfectly matched to the fabric.....autum leaves ! I think this is a "foo foo" accessorie, the next one I endevor to create will have a different closing. (click to enlarge) Well, I am on a roll.....!