Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Cream Puffs

Hope your "V"day was special! As I wrote in my "V" day blog I was trying a new dessert! NO ONE ever told me that you needed muscles to make Cream Puffs. I followed the directions in the receipe and when it came to beating the mix w/a wooden spoon I about quit and wanted to throw the whole thing out! I also didn't expect to have the pile of unused dough from the inside of the "puff" that made room for the filling. But, I perservered and you can see the results. Then afterward I asked myself how come I didn't use my wonderful Kitchen Aid mixer. I think the name implies alot at this feat.....AID! But, when I make a new receipe for the first I follow the directions. Then after that I will improvise if I think of a easier way or taste better or both!!!! only regret is I didn't use real whipping cream to make the filling. Or at least wait until just before we ate them to fill them w/the "sqirt canned whip cream" lost its "whip" by the time we ate them. I did put them in the refrigerator to keep them cold. DH was thrilled anyway and so ended a great day, with great eats and another cooking lesson learned! I love a challenge!!!! Where is that Rachel Ray w/her 30 min. tips!!! LOL I think I'd better get back to sewing. Tomorrow is gonna be a fun sew day w/LLQG .
We are going to make FAP's! I need to get the car packed up!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here it is "V" day! DH gifted me w/another lovely heart necklace, this time it is a Amber one.

I pile them all on and wear them for the "V" week! I fixed him breakfast, he usually fixes his own but, I thought, its "V" day! I can put up w/the onions, fresh garlic,precooked frozen turkey "snausages" and salsa mushed into a egg beaters,topped w/Mexican 4 cheeses and wrapped in a low-carb tortilla for this one day! It only takes less than 10 minutes! I then asked him what he wanted for dinner!!! What was I thinking??? He would have gladly taken us out for dinner,but,I just wanted to do this for him. So... it is NY's and homemade polenta and salad and CREAM PUFF'S. The first 3 items are no challenge! I'll update on the dessert later as I have never made them before!!!

I wanted to share the progress of my "birthing" of a Amyrilla that my #1 sister gave me for Christmas. The reason I call her #1 is that she is the oldest at 78 and #2 is 77 and we just numbered us as a fun jest. I am now #3 ,the youngest!!! I was #4 until our #3 sister passed away at age 48 in 1984, of crones disease. So, then I was given her number. Silly, yes, but that is us....we love to laugh over the sillyest stuff! Well, I am wandering......again! If you have ever been gifted with a "Christmas bulb" you will understand (hopefully) the anticipation of watching the rapid growth. I kept it in a cooler room to slow it down until I put the decorations away and then moved it to a warmer room. WOW! When it started there was no stopping the rush for bloomtime! These photos are in a span of two weeks. I am not showing you every one as I don't think the blogg space for all of them is available!!!!! LOL