Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Time

October has been just "stuffed" full of activities. The quilt show, vacation in "fishland", learning to make my very own pumpkin!!!! The seed heads of my very own home grown sunflowers. Of which only the two plants survived out of a dozen that came up!
(Only because my DH got a little too close with his weed spraying!!!)
This is a all wool table runner!!! I have carried this project with me for two vacation years and finally it is coming together! I can't believe the progression of the first half of the table runner. The wavy outline was to be "whipped stitiched" but I like to add my own ideas, so I "felted" it into the runner. I had a hand felting needles tool that works just great for that. The cutting out of the flowers was somewhat challenging as I was trying to "fussy cut" them. Well, the brain finally engaged when I realized I would not have to worry as every thing I do is "just they way I wanted it to be"!!!! Making the pumpkin was so fun. I had two learning experiences! At a guild meeting of Konocti Quilters our leader showed us the "how to" and then My friend Su at "Pieces of Time" had a tutorial and what I forgot from the guild meeting Su reminded me! This all happened on the same that wierd or what??? The days are getting shorter and the leaves are turning those beautiful yellows and reds. I love it!
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