Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stained Glass

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Quilting Gallery LogoThis is called "Stained Glass".  I have never bought a "kit" to make.  However,this just called to me. I thought kits would be "easy".  Well, I thought all the parts would be cut out already! Not so.  There was a cut of fabric that I had to cut the colorful "petals" from and the pattern was included for that and the other shapes.  The black bias binding outlining the shapes was included.  As you can see I haven't sewn the binding on yet.  It is black also.  It reminds me of a window in a cathedral.  Haven't decided where it will hang yet!

Pitcher and Bowl


I call this "Pitcher and Bowl". Easy name,lol!  I have had the pattern for a couple years.  There are three more to make! I used all scraps! The napkin is from Ireland!  I have a set given to me with a lovely table cloth and just knew I wouldn't mind halfing one of the napkins! I hang it in one of our bathrooms!