Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Emily's Purse

Emily is our 14 years old beautiful grandaughter! She loves purses and western themed items. She is involved in 4-H Club horse activities. Soooo, I made her this purse. It is made from a old pair of Grandpa's jeans!!! The pocket was his "wallet" pocket!!! I put velcro to close it incase she puts her cell phone in it. She loves "blingy" and so that just made this all the more "glitzy"! The zipper is for "safekeeping" her stuff! That was a challenge in putting the zipper in! It is a oldy "invisible" one from my clothes making days. She fell during a volleyball game and landed on her wrist and has a "compressed fracture". Hope when she gets this in the mail it cheers her up!