Thursday, August 28, 2008

Turkey "Tales"

Agin' they roam and show up for corn "snacks". This is the gang of 4 and sometimes 5. There are other "gangs" larger than this. I go for walks to scout for their beautiful feathers that they 'drop' this time of year. It is called 'molting'. A vase of them is quite impressive as "art"! The ones in the center back are the tail feathers, the stripped "bars" are their wings ones. The others are from who knows, chest,underneathe places. They don't drop them all in one spot. It is a adventure hunting for them. I'd like to incorporate these 'finds' in a wall hanging or something artsy! That is going to take some creative pondering for a while! They are here and there along the way up and down our creekside. They stay close to the shady trees that line the creek banks on both sides. They do wander in the field getting from their fav's spots to eat, bugs, who knows what. We never lose our amazment for them and enjoy them always. I just love sharing these photos as I image the average person would not know how these wild birds live and look. My 15 year old DGD asked me if we would have one for T-day. I said "no, I want the one with the "popup" temperature thingy!!! These don't have that" We had a laugh together! Hope you enjoy this nature show!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Chatter!

This is a "stilleto" my DH made for me out of .....yes....walnut wood. It feels soo soft and smooth to the touch, just like the seam rippers. If I don't have it in my hand when I sew on my "Bernie" I just don't feel in control!

Yesterday was a really busy and exhausting day. I was asked to help hang the quilts that were entered at our local county fair, which is next weekend. They were judged the day before and I said of course as long as I don't have to climb a ladder or lift heavy loads. The main exhibit hall is where the quilts are hung on cable wires with binder clips, that are streched across the hall above everything. The two brave ladies that did the actual hanging should have had parachutes and saftey belts hooked to the roll around ladder , there were none. So they didn't stand on the top step...ever. That way they had some saftey with the last step infront of them....arrrgh. Myself and another gal pinned names and ribbons on them and sorted them for the order of hanging. We then carried them to the ladder crew. I do wished I had taken a photo of the "event". In my haste I didn't even think of that. If you look at one of my previous post of last years fair quilts exhibit you will see what I am saying! You of course want to know if I entered and recieved any ribbons...right??? I will tell you that I did enter some of my smaller "creations" this year....but be "fair" my lips are sealed until the fair opens!!!! I will have to say that when the junior quilts were being hung, one of the fair helpers (the 6'6" dude) said he would help as the locations was jammed w/exhibts being set up and the ladder had to be manuvered carefully. We were very happy for him to do that! You can guess that our fair operates on a "cheap budget". If there were no volunteer for some jobs, they just wouldn't get done. I hope if you can volunteer in your community you will. It is a "good thing" to do!
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