Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Winnah!

Good Friday was really good to me. I picked up my winnings from a LLQG quilter friend that went to pick up her basket and mine.
Can you see how full this basket is? Wow, I could hardly carrry it! I was so lucky! This is a quiltaholic's dream basket! 8 yards of fabric,patterns, threads, so many little neat "sewing toys"! A pin by artist Jim Shore! I spent an hour at least unwrapping it! Caressing the fabrics reading the pattern books. The Yuba Valley Quilt Guild really knows how to fill those baskets.
I would guess it could be valued at $100! I need to correct my last blog about the wonderful work that was done by Jody. It was not handquilted, it was machine done. I don't know how that word got transposed! Her motto is: "When I learned to quilt....I forgot how to cook!" Don't we all wish that! Well, tomorrow I will start preparing the Easter Feast for Sunday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Show Time!

I haven't been to a "out of area" quilt show for several years and when I read that the Yuba Valley Quilt Guild was having their 25th annual show last weekend I call my neighboor quilter Louise and said "what do ya think? not that far to go,huh!" and she said" great". So we left early and the drive was 2 hours and we only got lost for a few minutes in the town, trying to find out what "Google" meant by their directions. There were NO advertising signs of the show to say how to find the fairgrounds where they were! It was a nice show,265 quilts,24 vendors. The featured quilter was Jody Ort, also a NCQC registered Show Judge!!! She has judged our local guild show, Falling Leaves, and so it was a nice treat to see her beautiful quilts. She does fabulous handquilting Trapunto on old linens! I am showing you a few photos of the show! She also handquilted the center of their Opp.Quilt, of which I forgot to take photo. The "rearend of the cow" quilt was a great photo opp!
We were really tired by the time we left. It is hard work having fun! When I walked in the back door the phone was ringing and a voice said, "Rosy, you have won Raffle Basket #25"! We'll get it to you!" That made my day! I don't even remember what was in all the baskets, but they were really loaded with quilters "desires"!! Sunsweet Corp. sponsers their baskets of goodies! Hope it isn't full of dried prunes . We were given sample packs of their products going and coming at the door! Please click on the photos to really see the excellent works!