Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bulls Eye!!!!!

In January I attended a guild skills day to learn how to do this "crazy" pattern! There were about 12 of us and we all had a different interpretation of fabrics to use. My thought: Bulls Eye? Target shooting of course and so I choose from my "stash" these wacky black on white and white on black and reds of all combinations! I have not decided how I am going to arrange all 20 blocks yet. After the 3 circles are sewn on top of each other, then I cut the block into quarters. Then comes the crazy part, putting different quarters together to make a block!!! I am told that after all is assembled and completed that washing makes the edges fray and no mistakes will be seen! Ha, I'll bet!
I had a Bday the end of January and our daughter in Oregon sent me these absolutely 15 gorgeous stems of orchids. I have some that are still flowering.

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