Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pup & Quilts

Here is the "pity me pup"! She had a "hangnail" and DH took her to our vet. Well, $$. later, here she is,bandage and moping. She limped around so cute. She wasn't in pain, that is what we couldn't figure out the limping. The wrap was to keep her dewclaw clean! Oh,yeah, she love the fact that the antibiotic pill was wrapped in shredded Mexican cheese ! After thought of DH was, "I coulda clipped it myself"!! LOL "Yes" said I " and who would hold her"??

I found these flannel "rag" blocks" left over from a "rag" quilt I made DGD about 5 years ago. Just the right size for baby quilt donation to a local hospital. I found some smaller ones that made a doll size quilt, also for a donation. I have washed them both to get the ragged edges started fuzzing up. They are so soft and cosy!

I am just "doody-doing" this week!!! The fact that I am ready for the fair exhibts leaves me w/"playtime"!! No pressure! I thought why not look at what I have in my scrap drawers/bins! The weather has cooled nicely so I will keep playing w/my scraps.