Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy 2008!

The last month of the year is always filled with joy! We enjoy Christmas celebrating the birth of our Lord! Now it is the year 2008 and today is the Epiphany! We attended a early Mass on New Years Eve and then had a scrumptous dinner at the local "Blue Wing" without reservations and were seated in the absolutley gorgeous dining room of the adjacent "Tallman Hotel". We stuffed ourselves on Beef Wellington and local wines. We deserved it!!!! I kept saying to DH: "Are we really in our town,we live only one mile away we coulda walked here...not"?? Our town is only 1 & 1/2 blocks long but has these really classy "joints". I am dragging my feet on taking down the "celebration" decoration. The tree went out a few days ago as it really needed to! But the rest is going to slowly get back in its containers a little every day! Yesterday was a wonderfull day at LLQG ! Saw dear friends and guild members I have not seen since last year!!! We were entertained by Joe Cunningham aka Joe The Quilter ! Dashed to the "lqs" for a " fix". My dear friend Leslie (aka) Pieceful Moments (see sidebar for access ) gave me a early Bday gift of a beautiful 'neckerchief' in my favorite colors. Yesterday was cold and very little rain during the day. But it poured last night and the hills around us are 'kissed' with snow! Some beautiful Egrets have taken up residence in our field. I think all this rain has the underground critters floating to the surface and make good 'fodder' for them! Life is good so far for 2008! Yesterday our baby turned '40'! Eeek... he was this county's New Years first born 40 years ago! (Yes, we recieved nice gifts from local merchants)! I am also showing you the progress on the mini fan quilt. The next step is the quilting! I hope 2008 is starting off to a good start for all of you!!!