Thursday, December 20, 2012

page counter Here are several photos of special moments!  The smoke filled sky was from the fires in the mountains in a distance of about 20 miles last fall.  I thought it was a great photo opp.
This quilt was a project I loved doing for my daughter.  She bought the fabric and pattern as a gift for me and I loved the challenge.  I earned a 1st place award at the Falling Leaves Quilt Show in October that Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild presents to our community every year.  I then gifted it to my daughter!!

In October a visit to our Granddaughter who attends Bosie State University in Bosie, Idaho.  My daughter and I had a "girl trip" and it was fun.  This is the view of the town from a "lookout" above.  The scene was spectacular. The clouds were just stunningly beautiful. 
Here is  "my girls" posing from the lookout!
And lastly this is my giant pumpkin I grew!!  According to the seed package it could reach 300 pounds!!  So...I decided to challenge that!  I think it actually got to 50 or 60 pounds!!  It took a very strong couple of guys to load it on the tractor's forklift and bring it in for me to display in the barrel!! What fun I am going to have next year.  I harvested the seeds and will see if I can reproduce this into an other giant.  Gotta get the 300 pounder!!  Life has challenges!