Friday, August 15, 2008


Here is my mini "Baskets" all completed!
Today was another "hottie"! So, I am inside w/ceiling fans ! This morning I did my outside "duties". My barrel "Goldies" were begging for their morning "flakes"! It was a great photo op. The lily leaves look dirty, but they are healthy, I just didn't rinse them off yet. The water evaporates quickly on these days. The sunflowers are my summer fav's. just opened yesterday, at last! I am showing you the lobelias as I have babied them also this year. The 'redbird is a silly gift from my sister when she visited in June....when the plant needs water it chirps, until you water! Well, sometimes it chirps when it doesn't need a drink also. Sounds like a baby birds in a nest! The batteries finally quit at last! He is going to be recycled to somewhere else....soon!
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

These photos are of the guild recent trunk show at by Karen Boutle and her DH is helping her set up for it. This gal is ooooh so talented and such a "Quilting Diva"! Her original designs of vest and jackets are just fabulous! She is retired from 30 years at the Pacific Bell telephone comany and her DH is retired from the Oakland Police Dept.
I wanted to show you the progress of the unedited mini baskets I am working on for the FLQS in October.
Today was I was so hot,hot and I don't mean it like (hottie!) The temperature was over 100*!!! Today was the day to deliver my entries to our local county fair. This year my DH actually entered some of his fab photo's!!! Every year when we are at the fair and looking at the photo arts, he always sez he should enter something. I always say "yes, you should" and he never does. But, he really did it this time!!! I am so proud of him. He does take great photos. he can go to the fair and anticipate like I do w/my entries what will the judges say!!! I like to hear opinions...the positive and the negatives! I think that keeps me challenged! Some times (mostly) the fair judges do not make comments, either you receive a award or not!! I met a really nice young man(a strapping slim dude at least 6'6") that was assisting accepting the entries and he looked at one of mine and said what a nice job I did sewing. He said he liked to sew also!!! I said "Oh, how did you become interested?" He said when he was in the U.S. Navy (5yrs) his assignment was to repair and sew on parachutes with some other "navy guys" and they thought that it was a neat deal and began making "stuff", bags,totes, simple stuff. First off, I choked back my tears of gratitude and thanked him for serving his country! I told him I had a friend whose son about his age also likes to sew and that he bought his Mom a new machine and then the lady that was pinning on the exhibit ticket to my stuff said, did he hear what I said and he could do that for her; then she said "this is my son" and she had been working the fair job since he was a toddler w/his siblings that would run all over the place and how she was so excited to have him working w/her at the fair. Sitting on the floor besides her was his 4 month old baby girl in a little "chair swinging" looking up at her Dad and Gma!! Her daughter was in charge of the Photo exhibits in the next building. This is what small town stuff is all about. The real folks, the kind that we love to meet and keeps our country great! I hope I see him again and hear some more of his adventures into sewing. The down side for this lady was she has been battling cancer for 4 years. I thought to myself " I have so much to thank God for" and the spasams in my back I have been having are nothing to complain about!

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