Thursday, December 20, 2012

page counter Here are several photos of special moments!  The smoke filled sky was from the fires in the mountains in a distance of about 20 miles last fall.  I thought it was a great photo opp.
This quilt was a project I loved doing for my daughter.  She bought the fabric and pattern as a gift for me and I loved the challenge.  I earned a 1st place award at the Falling Leaves Quilt Show in October that Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild presents to our community every year.  I then gifted it to my daughter!!

In October a visit to our Granddaughter who attends Bosie State University in Bosie, Idaho.  My daughter and I had a "girl trip" and it was fun.  This is the view of the town from a "lookout" above.  The scene was spectacular. The clouds were just stunningly beautiful. 
Here is  "my girls" posing from the lookout!
And lastly this is my giant pumpkin I grew!!  According to the seed package it could reach 300 pounds!!  So...I decided to challenge that!  I think it actually got to 50 or 60 pounds!!  It took a very strong couple of guys to load it on the tractor's forklift and bring it in for me to display in the barrel!! What fun I am going to have next year.  I harvested the seeds and will see if I can reproduce this into an other giant.  Gotta get the 300 pounder!!  Life has challenges!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Dinner Is Ready!

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Recently our daughter and niece from out of state came to visit and they love to gormet cook! Here is just a sample of the main course which was accompanied by a butternut/barley side dish,appetizers galore! This is a porklione that was boned and stuffed with cranberry crasins and tiny minced onions....Lucky us to be "catered" to!!!!
Can't you just smell as well as taste the aroma !!!  

Remodel Sewards Folly

page counter This is my "remodeled" mystery quilt named Seward's Folly.  In a previous blog I showed you the original. It didn't fit the maple 4 poster as I wanted .  So, I asked my pro-long arm quilter,Marian Drain(Cuddle Time Quilts) if it was possible to add to three sides; she said "YES"!  I had enough extra fabric to make the additional lenghts on 3 sides!  I proceeded to carefully remove the binding and give the quilt to her and she performed her talented magic!!! I added more binding to the already made binding and attached it !!! As you can see it fits perfectly and I also had enough fabric to make a pair of matching pillow cases.  Sorry that I didn't include them on the bed for the photo!!!  I bought this double maple 4 poster 52 years ago at a local maple furniture store that closed long ago.  I wish I had bought a canopy then, but just getting the bed was a delight at the time!!!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stained Glass

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Quilting Gallery LogoThis is called "Stained Glass".  I have never bought a "kit" to make.  However,this just called to me. I thought kits would be "easy".  Well, I thought all the parts would be cut out already! Not so.  There was a cut of fabric that I had to cut the colorful "petals" from and the pattern was included for that and the other shapes.  The black bias binding outlining the shapes was included.  As you can see I haven't sewn the binding on yet.  It is black also.  It reminds me of a window in a cathedral.  Haven't decided where it will hang yet!

Pitcher and Bowl


I call this "Pitcher and Bowl". Easy name,lol!  I have had the pattern for a couple years.  There are three more to make! I used all scraps! The napkin is from Ireland!  I have a set given to me with a lovely table cloth and just knew I wouldn't mind halfing one of the napkins! I hang it in one of our bathrooms!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tote Time

I can't believe I can actual get some photos loaded up on my blog. We had the computer repaired and it works different than before with the photos! Some towns in our area are banning plastic bags in stores, ours has not,however, I do go to other areas to shop. I am prepared!!! I won't say which ones are for gifts also!!!!!
Tip: Click on the photo and a window will open w/them and you can enlarge each one to get a better look !!!
These totes were so fun and easy to assemble!!

It only takes 1 yard of fabric and one seam,then turned right side out and add the handle! (The inside looks just like the outside! But, if you have directional fabric it gets tricky to get the right look on the outside!) I also put Velcro all the way across on the inside below the handle on the "Saddle Up" and "Pears Galore", (in memory of our 25 years of growing Bartlett Pears). I was introduced to this "easypeasy" pattern at a small quilt guild that I belong to. The yellow one is made of "laminated cotton". A new product to try. (It is pricey!) It is similar to "oil cloth" but it is soft and not made with oil products! It comes in 54"wide width and it is carried by our local fabric store,it is on a roll. It is larger than the others because of the width. (The others are of the normal 42" width fabric!)

The second tote I call "Sew & Sew" as you can see by the theme.

The horsey one I call "Round Up"!

The yellow one is the laminated fabric. I call Mellow Yellow!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dinner Time!

I wanted to share this adorable photo of a "tough hummingbird "! She just wants to eat/drink! This took place as you can see in a snow fall at our daughters home in Oregon last week! Don't ya just love it!!