Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A New Tote!

I know making a "Tote" is not a new idea....but....on http://sewmamasew.blogspot.com/ Irene posted a tutorial for this pattern that I "just had to try". Well, it was such a jiffy project! I had just the right fabric for it! A piece of blue denim I purchased at the $1.00 @yd sale. It took no time to whip this up. She recommended using some uphostery fabric as a lining is not necessary. I thought the denim would suffice and it did. I serged all the seams and used a Jean needle. I had no problem sewing the handles on. (6 layers of fabric) I shortened the length as I am 5'2", need I say more!!! ;) I used the triple stitch on my machine that I have never used before!!! I wished I had used it on other denim creations, like my DH's shop aprons! My pocket seams should have been deeper, so the top stitching looks a little wobbly! Who's gonna care?!!! The bottom is really flatter than it looks here, as the "gussets" don't show. Well, I might just get on a "tote" binge after all! Is that legal to say!! ;)

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