Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Falling Leaves Quilt Show Entry Results

You saw them before "They" all earned their ribbons at the Falling Leaves Quilt Show last weekend! What a beautiful display of over 250 quilts. Our guild members (llqg.org) really put on a spectacular show. I am so proud of them!
The "Blue Goose Chase" was of scraps as was the "Around the World...Twice" ." Around the World ....Twice" was a scrappy creation. My Bday gift quilt "Delectable Mountains" is now able to come off the rack and be used by me. Just in time as the fall weather has arrived and today the east wind is blowing leaves all over the place. I am including "Caught in Disgrace" of our "terrior" Skipper, she was really mad that she didn't get to attend the quilt show I think and took her frustrations out on her cedar bed on the porch!!! She is 3 yrs and this is the first time she has "rearranged" her "stuff"!! What a character!