Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sun Bonnet Sue and the Last Rose of Summer!

I just realized that the story that went along w/these photo were "dumped"! Geez whiz. Well, I will try and tell the story again. I was wandering around in the garden soaking up the colors of the birches,walnut and sycamore trees and trying to decide what was I going to use as a "prop" for the up coming "Crayon Quilt Workshop" at the llqg . God listens in the garden, at least in our garden! I later visited a quilty friend and she said she was using a transfer Sue as a project for dishtowels.....duh.....I had some also.. where were they? When I returned home I opened a "stash" cupboard" and my hand went right to the "to do" box! There was Sue and Mother! I practiced on a "chicken" tracing and coloring at the workshop. (Nope....you can't see it yet!) I have not colored for years. Staying in the lines is a real challenge! A few days later a couple of friends came over for a "sew day" and we each worked on different projects. So...this is what I have done so far. I hope to make a lapper. Stay tuned!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Quilt Guild Happenings

I am really getting excited already for the Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guilds (llqg.org) 2007 Falling Leaves Quilt Show. It is always the first weekend in October! We had a quilt show committee meeting today and we are committed to having as wonderful a show has we had this year! The entry's were up over 200 and the attendance this year far surpassed the 2005 show. I am secretary of the guild and have learned so much from my "sister guild quilters" !
This seemed like fun to read on others blogs and so I wanted to share my "done that,been there" also! I am only going to post 10 this time. (Learned that from another quilter blog)

1. Taken a quilting class.
2.Paper Pieced!
3. Hand quilted!
4.Gone on quilt retreat!
5.Made a baby quilt!
6.Made a wall hanging!
7.Made fabric postcards!
8.Mailed out the postcards!
9.Made a lap quilt.
10.Made a full size quilt.