Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Can you guess what this creation is? OK, give up? DH made it on his lathe! This is another wonderful walnut wood bowl on a pedestal, one piece. It is about 3 inches across. I think perhaps a holder for nuts or jelly beans!!!lol The next photo is not as easy to figure out, wasn't for me anyway!
It is a special oil holder. In the second photo you can see the inside, it holds the "special oil". The size of the inside is a contact lens holder!!! Guess you always wanted to know about what to do when those little cups are no longer in use! lol!!!

I am preparing to go to the first of the season "2008-2009" "Mini Group" sew day tomorrow. We meet monthly and the car is loaded with my travel sewing machine and equipement and the great part is I have no idea what our leader/teacher has on the agenda for us!!! We have had our summer break and it will be fun to see my "classmates" again. We meet at a wonderful place....a fabric shop!!! We have a whole room to ourself and we can dash out to the "fabric stash" when we want!! How fun is that??

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fair Awards

Well, yesterday was take-down at the local fair! I volunteer as I told you in my last blog,(I think) along with two other quilty friends to do this. We arrived at the fair ground before 8:00 a.m. and started promptly, as soon as the scary ladder was brought to us! As you can see Kerrie,the "ladder lady" is waaaay up there taking down Jane's beautiful quilt( she was awarded a 2nd on). While Jane and I catch the quilts below. The we fold and stack them and proceed all around the building. It actually took us a little under 2 hours about. Putting them up was about 4 hours! We had a few obstacles, as the exhibits were still in place! Just like putting them up. I was awarded a 1st (blue) on the Pine Tree runner,2nd on the Fresh Flowers in the same category!!! (Whew,I competed against myself!) I received a 3rd on Rockin Rooster in a different category!! Well, it is a few more weeks until the next quilt show. That will be so much fun! Can't wait!

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

This & That

This was a fun replica of a treadle machine. I have a treadle cabinet w/my 1966 singer inside. It has not seen daylight in 10 years since I got my "Bernie"! But, I love looking at the cabinet and so made this from a pattern some years ago. Just found it in a stack of scraps!
This beaded "egg" was a challenge to learn beading by another "quilty" friend that is so talented and creative. She said,"Oh, just pour the beads into a small dish and watch t.v. and put your needle through the beads and they will just jump on the needle"! Yeh, right! I mindlessly sewed them on and the egg shape came with it! I did glue a pin on it and it works! The other pin was a gift from a friend I made at the very first retreat I attend. It is real fabric folded to represent fat quarters! Soooo cute.