Saturday, June 06, 2009


I got a nudge from a dear friend as to updating my blog! Time goes so quickly these days. There sometimes are distractions from what I wish I could be attending too! But, isn't life a total distraction!!!! I came across a poem that I know all of us "fabricohlics" can relate to. At her request,I asked and received permission from the author to publish it! This is her blog: The Crafty Quilter’s Closet
(When I read it I get the rhythm of a Dr. Seuss story!) Soon after I read this I dashed to a fabric store that ,sadly, is going to close at the end of June and they are having a unbelievable close out sale! I just needed to add to my stash of Fairyfrost. (No really ;0) ) The one I needed is third from the bottom!

Quilt Magic, A Poem
Written by Kristin Hoog,
I wonder, Do you know I am outside of the shop?Taunting and teasing until I must stop.
Cautiously at first, I open the door;then I smile, as my gaze drifts over the store.
Fabric, and more fabric. Such a pleasant surprise!Do you see the same twinkle in everyones’ eyes?
Fabric in bundles, fabric on racks.Fabric on bolts and fabric with tacks.
Colors so vibrant in yellows, blues, greens,Polka-dots, stripes and orange jelly beans.
I have lots of fabric at home, It is true!But I’m sure I don’t have THIS shade of blue.
This fabric is lovely! It will play just the part In the quilt I’ve decided, today I will start.
2 yards or 4 yards? Running out would just stink. And you know, you can never have enough pink.
And look over there at that fat quarter pack Oh, how did that ever get in my sack?
Batiks how they call me, the colors, so extensive,12 dollars per yard. That’s not SO expensive.
Look at that rack. That fabric, it’s new?!Hmmm. Do my kids really need shoes?
Okay, I’ll stop now. At least for this trip…Maybe, just maybe, one more fabric strip.
I leave with my bag overflowing with the fabric,Happy and under the spell of Quilt Magic