Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fall Into Christmas

Our Japanese Maple tree is the epitome of fall colors. The photos are real, no "touch ups", I must look at it a "zillion" times during the day because I know in a short time it will disappear and I will have to wait a whole year for it to reappear!! As the sun shines on this tree at a certain time in the morning, the colors "float" thru the window and saturate the room!This week and the following weeks will be our busiest of the year as we prepare to open our Christmas tree farm! Everything comes at once as the fall colors fade into Christmas greens! I can't wait for the "folks" to drive in to cut their "perfect" tree. Their children are so excited! Everyone is so happy to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I am starting to decorate already w/my Christmas quilt and wall hangings in the windows (yes, they are protected from the sun!) Some of our tree buyers are also quilters and wannabe quilters who enjoy the(eye candy) display