Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Challenges

These are my new challenges for the start of 2008! The LLQG Challenge asked that we choose a pattern and make 4 blocks with a minimum size of 9 1/2" to a max of 12". I thought okay, they gave us some charm squares and 2 1/2" strips of several nice colors that I really liked. We could add fabric if we choose. I was in a quandry as to what pattern I would choose and then just brought out that little folding block pattern gizmo that told you how to cut for different size blocks!!!! Cool! I love trees and was drawn to that pattern. I looked in my stash and found the marbled beige batik and started the process. Next month at the February meeting the members will vote on whose blocks they like the best and there will be a "PRIZE"! Then we will be given more fabric and have until May to finish the challenge . We can choose whatever we want to do w/them!!! Another round of voting and another prize!!! How fun is this??? I am not in the "make New Years Resolution" mode. However, I want to work from my stash as much as possible this year. So far, so good! Another project is the foundation pieced Mini Scrappy Hearts that consist of all scraps, even the white is odds and ends. I made a couple at a fun "sew day" recently with my special quilty friends and I still have the borders to add. I find it so cosy and restful these rainy days to focus on these "fabric creations"!!! When going through the box of red scraps I found 3 blocks of these already made!!!! I forgot about that last class! Oh well, I must have given someone the finished project.....You can never have too many hearts!!!
I actually even cleaned a couple drawers and amazingly found "stuff" I didn't need to save. Like receipts from 2006 and 2007 fabric purchases.....shredded those....get rid of that "evidence"!!! LOL! Why do we save those "free patterns" that come w/magazine subscription offers???? Just can't throw anything away that could be a "potential" !!!!! Bits of ribbon, from gift wrappings!!! Quilt photos I take at shows and retreats that need to be put into my quilt photo albums . All that is for inspiration!! Actually it does inspire me!!! Reminds me of the quilters I meet and the events that surrounded them that was just "to much fun"! More finds like family photos and wonderful cards given during the year. I just can't get rid of anything!!