Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Challenge

Last week was my Mini Groups first class session after our summer break! Hey, just like school starting again! It is always fun to anticipate what our "leader/teacher" is going to have as a project for us! Well, she really threw us a curve this time around!! No paper pieceing this time! Arrrgh!
I have a sweet friend Leslie at pieceful-moments that does not ever,never do paper pieceing and her mini creations are just perfect and she doesn't take a class!!! Grrrr.... Now, you while you are looking at this and thinking, so...what is with making a "pinwheel". Well, my sister quilters, this is no ordinary pinwheel. The pinwheels themselves are 1& 1/4" squares, cut from 2 3"squares layered and divided w/stitches and then cut apart and then cut again into the itsy bitsy squares, then adding the corners. Now I thought I had really cut a "fat hog" when I finished this one! Only to be told I did it backwards! It took me 2 hours to create this mistake!!! LOL