Monday, July 21, 2008

New Bowl!

I just had to share my new, original design and one of a kind black walnut wood candy dish!
Last week my DH made this for me on his wood lathe out of our own black walnut wood . We cut down several of our huge dying English walnut trees about 4 years ago; they were grafted on to the black walnut and that is how we got the black walnut wood, from the huge stumps that grew before they were grafted (are you confused?) DH then "milled" the wood from those huge stumps and put it in his wood shed to cure and dry. I was so excited to finally have something to remember those huge trees that so gracefully shaded our yard for at least 80 years or so. (We still do have some of the trees left out there. ) The ones that we cut down were replaced with 3 sycamore tree and they are really throwing the shade as they were planted 4 years before we cut down the black walnuts. Very clever, don't ya think!? Now they are 10 years old!!! They are doing a great shade job! I told DH to keep going with his lathe and see what else he can produce!
Whata guy!

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