Friday, June 25, 2010

Cherrie Challenge

I wanted to share the "fun" of growing our cherries! This is not the easiest fruit to grow in our region. But....we have been blessed w/a greaat crop! We have 3 trees and 2 are the same variety. The other is a later pick. Of a couple weeks. The birds of all kinds looove cherrys so...this is where the real challenge comes in (besides the weather,of which there is not control either!) DH is seen picking the first ripening ones, the birds are right in the trees picking also. Sooo, the later tree ,because it is a smaller tree gets a "cover up" w/heavy paper. This we found works to "save" some of these delicious "Bings"! It presents a real challenge to the "Starling" birds they tug and tug and chirp from dawn to dusk trying to get inside of the papers. Once in a while one will be successful and crawl up the end of a "sleeve" and eat every last cherry on that branch. It is a real challenge !!!! We had enough cherrys to make a couple pies and freeze some!!!! As you can see by the photo, I pitted them one at a time!!!! My quest is for a multipitter!!!!