Thursday, May 17, 2007

Soothing Sights

I was reaching to pull a weed from the ore bucket planter and slipped off of the pole fence I was stupidly standing on and "wrenched" my wrist and ankle the other day. sewing machine gets a rest! Now, as I am getting much better, I can share some of my "sitting on the patio photos"! I actually had my camera at the proper time to capture this Swallow Tail "flutterby". "She" (I assume as she was so co-operative ;0) poised and languished at each flower. The "planter" is a old ore bucket salvaged many years ago by my DH from a local mercury mine. (Which was closed about 50 years ago in our area.) It has been a wonderful yard accent and brings many comments from the "old timers" as well as the "young timers"! Our little "terrier" is 4 yrs. now and she got brave finally to climb this 100 yr old walnut tree in our yard, only because a tree squirrel was driving her nuts w/its chatter. The Peony bush is just so pretty, but, what I want to really show is the old water faucet behind it, non operational. But....the hole you see is the "doorway" for a nesting pair of "titmouse" birds. They are adorable and have been using this for the last 3 years. It is just so sweet to see them zip in and out from the time the eggs are laid until they are feeding insects to their babies. Alas, they are camera shy. When it rains DH lays a piece of tin on the shelf above to protect them. I hope you enjoy my "nature show"!!!! I can't wait until I can take this ace bandage off and put the pedal down! (Please click on the photos to enlarge them, it is so worth it!)