Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sisters and Robins

The last week has been fast and furious! My older sisters (76 & 78) came from Washington state and we ate,yakked,took a trip to pick up a quilt that was at the quilter who, of course, delivered it to a great fabric store for me! My sisters thought that was fun. Especially the one (78) that likes to sew also.( Of course we "had" to stop at Starbucks on the way home.) I had done some re-construction on a some crazy quilt blocks she put together out of her scraps and left here a couple years ago and she was so happy at the results. So, that gave her the incentive to finish it. We sat at the table and went through my old tin bread box full of lace,bias bindings from the days of making clothes, we laughed at the prices still attached! She found some she liked so it will be used after all the time in a box!!! We "attacked" my stash cupboard and she found a perfect 54" flannel fabric for the backing. I then threw in a stack of fabric she liked to make aprons . She liked my "scrap bag" that hangs on the sewing machine table. So she picked out a fabric she liked and I made her one and got it in the mail today to her. One day we had lunch at the lovely local hotel garden,my sisters treat!! The day before they left we went to a great local Chinese restaurant for dinner on the shores of our famous large Clearlake,again my sisters treat! We ate outside on the patio overlooking the lake! Although the opposite side of the lake was "socked" in with smoke from all the wildfires in the area, the lake was clear of the smoke. We do have lots of smoke in the hills around us and my eyes are irritated when I am outside. I am a happy tired and it has taken a few days to get things cleaned up and put away. Remember the Grandbirdies? They flew out of the nest Sunday! Just 37 days after the nest was started! The Pop & Mom Robins liked us so much they were eating cherries and strawberries off of the table. The last baby to leave the nest! Here is where it landed on its flight from the nest. My sis's really got a kick out of that! I really need to get busy on my UFO's! October will be here soon!