Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mini Oops!

A while back I posted my "Dancing
Fan" mini quilt. (The large photo.) The scalloped border wasn't on yet. There were to many wrinkles in the background white fabrics. I thought I would just give it a "spritz" with water and then iron it carefully. That was the start of my nightmare. The colors bled. Here is a photo. Try clicking on it to enlarge. I was just agast as this was "so much work" to put together! I took it to a "sew day" to show the girls. (Pity party!) Luckily pieceful.moments Leslie took a photo. So... I thought this would serve as a "don't forget to wash the fabric lecture" even for a mini quilt! Now, I wanted to share my "good luck"!
I talked to my mini class teacher about my mini color "runs". She said try vinegar in water. I did. Didn't work. I then decided "what do I have to lose?". So I filled a small plastic tub with hot tap water, while it was running in I slowly sprinkled half of my "99c" TG&Y (you do remember those stores in the 1970's?) package of Rit Color remover,(that was hiding in the back of a cupboard in the garage) and stirred it around. Then while holding my breath and saying a "Hail Mary" , I slowly laid the mini face down in the tub! Pushed it to the bottom and then got scared and just as fast as I could pulled it out!!!! IT WORKED!!!! The color runs were gone!! I hung it on the line and sprayed it w/the hose to stop the action. Then I put it in the washer on spin dry. Then laid it on a towel on the patio table!!!!
I am sooo lucky! Now, I just have to figure out how to get rid of those darn wrinkles!

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