Friday, August 31, 2007


OMG, I could not believe it!!!

If you have been a "fan" of my posts, you know that I have been working on this quilt since early March. Now is it "show time". I entered it in the local county fair, which is this Labor Day weekend! Lucky me!!! The judge gave my "Under The Rainbow" a Blue Ribbon and Best of Show in Traditional Bed Quilts!!!! (they are pinned to the quilt) As if the 1st prize Blue wasn't great enough I won $50.00 from a local fabric store who sponsored that category!!! When I started this project I was not "in love" w/it!!! As it progressed along in construction of the borders, I developed a fondness for it! Then when my personal long arm quilter, Marian, finished I really started to enjoy it! After I put the binding on then it won me over! ;0)

Here is a update as of today September 3. This morning I went to the fairground to pickup my quilts and when they were given to me the person (Sandy) said: "Oh, by the way you have also won the 'VIEWERS CHOICE AWARD' !!" I just went numb! Thought I was going to faint!!! Did I hear her correctly say that? Yes, I did!!! As you can see it included a $50. gift certificate from the same fabric store "Kerries"! I am overwhelmed that the fair goers gave ME that honor!! I forgot everything else that I had planned to do after I picked up my quilts and drove the 10 miles home "on a cloud"!!! DH said it didn't surprise him at all!!! I also decided that I would take the rest of the day "off"! The quilting "angel" smiled on me!

Then and Now

A few days ago I watch a weekly quilting/sewing show that featured some fabric dyeing methods. I have never done "yardage" dyeing, except for tea dyeing fabric, with real tea! So, I decided I want to try the "over dyeing" trick on fabric that was shown. I can't remember the year it was I bought this pink dye as you can see in the photo it was a looong time ago! I don't even remember what I was going to do with it!!! Yesterday I went and bought a package of the Purple dye. Now, my point is this: I paid $2.99 plus tax for the new dye!!!! Came home and was putting it a cupboard with laundry items and that is when I found the box of Pink dye that cost 35 CENTS!!! The instructions are the same almost but the box design has changed. There is no price on the new dye box! I'll show you the "overdyed" fabric when I get it done in the future days to come. Woo,I just had to share!