Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pears and Quilts?

Where does the time go? My Sister from Washington was here for a week and then a week later our lovely daughter Penny and 3 grandkids (10,14 & 17) arrived for a week. They swam, and swam some more, ate,fished, ate, auto races, ate,SPCA volunteered, ate,shopped,ate!!!!! Penny decided to "pick pears" in our back yard to take home! She shows John (10) how to pick pears by paying attention to the way the stem is facing!!!! Notice the authentic picking bag! She loaded up several boxes into her SUV ! No photos of when I "roped" Penny into serging some "cowgirl" pillowcases as gifts for some of Emily's friends that she rides horses with....I know you get the idea!!! That was just SO MUCH FUN! But....The "crunch" time is here to finish this "queenie"! The weather was just sooo darn hot (99 -102) every day when the "kids" were here and today it actually cooled down to 88'! (Thank you Lord!) I was just exhausted already just thinking about applying the binding to her!!! But....the machine work is done! Can I now can relax ????, think again! The handwork hemming of the binding will start "mun-yana" then.... the hanging sleeve. I have to deliver it on Aug.15th to the local county fair, which isn't open until LABOR DAY weekend. I'll never understand that time "line". I know this sounds like I am a "whiner" really I just have never tackled this large of a quilt until now, so yes, I guess I am "whineing"! Hummm, maybe a little "wine" will ease the tension!!!! LOL