Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas !

Meet "Rosie Reindeer"!!! She is 18 years old! Our creative DD Penny made her for us. I hang her every year in the same spot on the porch! Last year a "critter",bird,mouse, (I don't know who) ate one of her lovely eyelashes!!! So, she needed help, a gal just cannot be in public w/one eyelash. So...off to the cosmetic department at the local drugstore to find just the right look!!! Well, she is so "glitzy" now! I even touched up her nose "makeup" as well as her lips! Please click on the photo to get a real neat view of her! The little toddlers that come to our tree farm always want to "kiss" Rosie! I love making her look pretty w/a fresh wreath. She hangs up above the "sales" table. We grow 5 acres of "Choose and Cut" trees and also bring in some fresh cuts of Noble Fir that we cannot grow at our elevation! We keep them in water and they stay fresh. Take a look we just filled the "lot". It is a lot of work getting things ready as we open the day after Thanksgiving. I still have more decorating to do! The weather is cooperating w/sunshine. We had frost this morning,brrrr! Whew! Where are those darn kids when you could really use them!!!!