Thursday, August 23, 2007

Down & Dirty!!!!

Don't ya just love the title!!! That was the name applied to a Mystery Round Robin challenge by our guild presented at the May meeting. I have never participated in this segment up until this time!! Here is how it went: (available for 9 persons at first) You sign up,then the committee, tell you to bring a "big" paper bag w/your name on it to the June meeting. OK, I thought that's easy! Then at that meeting your bag goes on the table and in it, secretly, they put the instructions!!! Which say, choose 3 fabrics, background, focus & complimentary. Then it also tells you to cut your fabrics in certain sizes for 9 different blocks and have a gallon zip lock bag for each block w/name and number on it of each block that YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS!!! Then you put the fabrics in the proper zip bag! Then..(.you still w/me) we took them to the July meeting and the "committee" separated the zip bags to be put in our individual bags and then they put your pattern in w/them (now I know what it is I will make) for you to take home and put the 9 together and bring them back to the August meeting!!! (Oh, yes, you are assigned a specific pattern. That is the only one you know about!!) Well, it just so happened that the pattern I was given did not fit the sizes of the strips of fabric that the other participants had cut!!!! Eeek! I then call the committee....oh gosh....she was so embarrassed and she sent me another pattern...okay that was good! Except....then the fabrics were not the right size for this pattern!! So..... I then called the other participants and explained and they were so gracious and sent me new cut fabric strips!!!! I then called them and thanked them and proceeded to create only 9 blocks of the same pattern (show above) called "Flying X's"! last I felt good. We then were to bring them to the August meeting and we were giving back our own fabric blocks that we made for each other!!! Does this make sense!!!
And they were all to be unfinished at 9 1/2 "! Wow, they all were just. Imagine 9 all the same size by 9 different sewers!! Okay, the last step was to put them together anyway we wanted! Well, I have mine put together, not very imaginative, but there they are. We "show and tell" at the September meeting. I don't know if I will have a back on mine by then or not!!! (I don't know if using the black to stash them is legal or not !) I really did have fun....believe it or not!