Friday, September 29, 2006

Turkeys Photos!

They finally came all the way in the front yard!! They are only about 30 feet from us!
We were eating lunch at the patio table and here they come across the creek bed and into the yard. We keep cracked corn thrown around there for the quail and doves. Now, the "big Jakes" (as the young turkeys are called) have asserted themselves to some good easy food!
Ever since they were just "turkey chicks" I have been waiting for the day they came "up close and personel"!! They wander our place and roost in the creek trees and in the walnut orchard in the back of our field! There are 13 total and a few more are lagging behind but do join the others.
For those of you who don't know, wild turkeys can see very well and are very alert to the most minute' movements. So, I had DH take these as he was sitting in front of me and didn't need to move as I would have! They have come every day for 4 days now! What made it even more special was we had house guest from Washington, my 75 yr. Sister,herBF and her daughter(our 49 yr.Niece) they were amazed !Hope you enjoy these priveledged photos as I do!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Canning Time!

The past week has been jammed w/picking apples,peeling,chunking them along w/all the other ingredients for my DIL and I to make our annual batches of Chutney. This is the only time of year we get for a one on one day! She is a busy gal works as a Labor Delivery RN at the local hospital. I didn't get a photo of us doing our "thing". But....after our son returned from a very successful salmon fishing trip on the Klamath River w/a friend he asked that I smoke and can the "Catch"! So..of course how could I refuse. Here are the results in photos ! sure was worth staying up until late one night for a second load in the smoker. But...I am exhausted!! Mmm.... where does all that energy go I used to have! It sure tasted good! The whole house still carries the delicious aroma! DS said when he came to help pack the jars full:"Mom, this is a 3 way split"! I didn't argue w/that! Of course then it was "tasting time"!