Saturday, March 26, 2011

I have been posting "happenings" around our farm. I thought I'd include a "not so fun" event. As you can see in the photos a "vet tech" is removing stitches from our Jack Russell Terrior. This 8 year old, 13 pound dog thinks she is a guard around here. When one morning two coyotes came up close to the house and we were in the yard and the dog smelled and saw them before we saw them and took out chasing them! They saw what looked like "lunch" to them and turned around and chased her and she ran as fast as she could but the one coyote caught her and caused her to have 11 stitches (she was very lucky to get away from them)as you can see the stitches being removed after about 10 days. The next day the coyotes made the mistake of coming around again!!! As you can see it ending up"sleeping" in our grassy field. If you are a coyote fan, don't worry we still have many more that visit on a regular basis!!! And of course our dog will still tell them to stay away!! She is tough!!