Monday, July 09, 2007

Here Comes Santa...'s Again!

This is a paperpieced mini quilt. 11" X 12". So fun to do. Not as easy as you might think either! LOL It is out of my box of red and green scraps!

I finally gave these "boys" some character! Blue eyes included! I hope they sparkle on your screen. I found a whole sheet of these "eyes" in a box of craft supplys in the cupboard that I forgot I even had! They were just what I needed to dress these "cone heads" up! Click on them to get a better view! I am feeling much better about my UFO's. Only one more to go! But it will be a few weeks before I can show you! Stay tuned!

Hearts Galore... Finished!

Well, at last I can say I have finished something! I just got this back from the quilter,Linda, and she sure makes my pieceing look better! After I put the binding on and spread it out for the photo I thought; hmm, not bad! I will see what the Judge says at the Falling Leaves Quilt Show !Click on the photos for a good look at her quilting! A couple of the closeups are a little "too closeup"!!!! Sorry!

Sunbonnet Sue 1940!

I have a neat friend who loves to quilt! Imagine that! She is also a neighbor and ask me to be the "caretaker" and deliverer of her very special Sunbonnet Sue quilt to display at the Falling Leaves Quilt Show on October 6 & 7.(Always the first weekend in Oct.) She and her DH went on vacation to the "cooler" places and I have to say that I am very "nervous" about being trusted w/this family heirloom. She also trust me to attach the hanging sleeve for the show display. This quilt was made by her Mother in the 1940's out of my friend (Louise) clothes! Her Mother had tied the quilt and over the years the quilt was " loved "so much that my friend wanted to have it restored. She ask a local quilt expert restorer,Wilma, to do so. This was a long process but the results are fabulous! Then it was sent to the Philippine's for the hand quilting. (another long process,but worth it!) I ask if I could share this quilt w/all of the world and my friend said it was okay w/her! So, just enjoy! Be sure and click on the photos for a "close up".