Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Morning

Here it is 2 days before Christmas and we are having cold and rain with freezing temperatures !
I really love that atmosphere it makes Christmas seem cosier. This morning I stepped outside in my 'jamy's' and these sites just compelled me to share them with you. The Nandina Bamboo bushes are under the kitchen windows and the raindrops glistened like diamonds on the leaves and berries. I bet you can just smell the smoke,(I could) from the woodstove pouring out of the chimney trailing across the roof and drifting toward the redwood trees! Lastly our sign that greets you when you drive in our yard says it all! As I went shopping today for the Christmas eve fresh crabs that is traditional fare for us. Just... that a whole crab for each person and bread...I had a sinking feeling about their available supply what with the winter storms upon the seas. But, they were there waiting for me!! Tomorrow I must bake something for desert. Not all the usual family will be here. But, Christmas will be here nontheless!